Moonrise Kingdom Review
Ryan Revolver


In 1965, young lovers Sam Shakusky (Jared Gilman) & Suzy Bishop (Kara Hayward) run away from their small island community together. When it is notice that they are missing, a search party begins to hunt for them.


Moonrise Kingdom was a fun, quirky, and smart comedy that was beautifully shot/written by Wes Anderson. Getting to watch all the adults try to track down the children was a treat. There was a Lord Of The Flies feel to this film-with the adults taking part in the madness.


Edward Norton, as the naïve Scout Master Ward, echoes his performance in the first half of the dark-comedy Death To Smoochy. Scout Master Ward’s daily routine is disrupted when his scout Sam “flew the coop”. Captain Sharp (Bruce Willis) has good intentions to protect the citizens of his jurisdiction (just like Tommy Lee Jones in No Country For Old Men), even going so far as to deputize Sam’s fellow scouts to aid in the investigation. Walt & Laura Bishop (Bill Murray & Frances McDormand) have a less than stellar marriage when compared to Sam & Suzy. Sam and Suzy are star-crossed lovers because Suzy’s father absolutely forbids his daughter from seeing the troublesome Sam.  As a collective, the scout troupe is fierce, going as far as to arm themselves for the search of the two missing 12 year olds.


Wes Anderson had highly stylistic and long cuts that highlighted the scenery before characters deliver there “too-clever-for-their-own-good” lines. The 60’s sense of innocence is brushed widely across the screen; with occasional paint splatters of humanities dark side. Moonrise Kingdom was just a fun movie, with everything presented to you in a well thought out & timed manner.

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