Klown Review
Ryan Revolver


As one gets older, events take place that forces one to grow up and mature. If said events are ignored by a dimwitted individual, what happens when a child is on the way?


When Frank finds out his girlfriend Mia is pregnant, he attempts to show her that he is father-ready. After two botched attempts, it is clear that Mia is about to leave Frank. In a last ditch effort to prove he can be a dad, Frank forces his young nephew Bo on a canoe trip.


Before Frank even hops in the canoe with Bo and his friend Casper, we see exactly how inept he is as a human being. From causing trouble in his book club to how he handles break-ins, it is clear that Frank has some work to do. The real fun begins when the trio hit the water. Frank’s goal is to give the young Bo a fun time; Casper’s goal is to sleep with as many women (or girls) on the trip as possible. These two missions conflict with each other, providing amusing scenes.


This outrageous comedy out of Denmark will make you both chuckle and say OMG in your head. Watching The Hangover on a head full of acid might better prepare you for Klown (Emmis Austin Radio does not condone watching movies on illegal substances). Potty humor is done in the most tasteful of ways …I think. I implore you to take a trip down the river and enjoy this far-out film. Why should you see Klown? It is a movie that would never have been made in America (what can I say? It's hardcore). Also you will feel a wide range of emotions (from sympathy to mortified) from the characters. What the movie teaches you is you can prove yourself using unconventional methods, and to delete ultra-revealing photos from your cell phone.


Klown will be on VOD and at Alamo Drafthouse locations starting July 27th.

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