SXSW Film: Day 5 Recap
Ryan Revolver


Movie: Monsieur Lazhar

Synopsis: Nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, "Monsieur Lazhar" tells the poignant story of a Montreal middle school class shaken by the death of their well-liked teacher. Bachir Lazhar (Fellag), a 55-year-old Algerian immigrant, offers the school his services as a substitute teacher and is quickly hired. As he helps the children heal, he also learns to accept his own painful past. This moving film features exquisite performances by Fellag and a stunning ensemble of child actors.

Reaction: The synopsis stole my thunder about the child actors. Yes they were stunning. This is a heartwarming film, it was able to melt the ice off my blood-pumper. Our friends to the north (Canada, not Oklahoma) gave us a gem with this one. Fellag was incredible and fascinating.

Would I see it again: Absolutely.

Would I recommend it: Absolutely, I gave Monsieur Lazhar 4 stars on Netflix.


Movie: WE ARE LEGION: The Story of the Hacktivists

Synopsis: WE ARE LEGION: The Story of the Hacktivists takes us inside the world of Anonymous, the radical "hacktivist" collective that has redefined civil disobedience for the digital age. The film explores early hacktivist groups like Cult of the Dead Cow and Electronic Disturbance Theater, then moves to Anonymous' raucous beginnings on the website 4chan.

Through interviews with current members, people recently returned from prison or facing trial, writers, academics, activists and major players in various "raids," the documentary traces Anonymous’ evolution from merry pranksters to a full-blown movement with a global reach, the most transformative civil disobedience of our time.

Reaction: Love it or hate it, Anonymous is part of our world. Striking across story headlines, and toppling those in there way. No matter what you think of them, they are still a group whose story deserves to get told. This timely documentary explores the beginning of pranks & hacking, to recent uprisings against the Church of Scientology & anyone opposed to Julian Assange. No matter your personal opinion, one Anonymous member closes the documentary with the line "you have the right to your opinion".

Would I see it again: Yes. I assume this roaring documentary will make it on to Netflix soon.

Would I recommend it: If you are a news junkie, spend anytime on the internet, or like documentaries then most definately yes.




Movie: The Will

Synopsis: Henrik is in deep trouble. His girlfriend has split, drug and alcohol abuse have gotten the upper hand, and he's deeply in debt. When everything is most dire and his woes seem wholly insurmountable, a door to new life is opened when Henrik’s wealthy grandfather dies, leaving behind him a huge fortune. But at the promise of money, family war breaks out, and years of failure and betrayal are revealed.

Presented with the support of the Danish Film Institute

Reaction:  I did not realize this was a documentary. I thought it was going to be a heavy-handed foreign drama. What was given to me instead was a tale of two loser brothers, who had been waiting there entire life, for there grandfather to die. Did I mention they were late to his funeral? What ensues after that is a legal battle with their aunt of the inheritance.

Would I see it again:  Not if that Eurotrash is going to be in it. Wait a tick, they are in it. Nope not watching this again to save my soul from the fiery gates of hell (which coincidentally is where the two brothers will likely end up)

Would I recommend it: GOD NO!!!




Movie: Beauty Is Embarrassing

Synopsis: Raised in the Tennessee mountains, Wayne White started his career as a cartoonist in NYC. He found success as one of the creators of the Pee-wee's Playhouse TV show which led to work designing some of the most iconic images in pop culture. The movie features Matt Groening, Mark Mothersbaugh, Todd Oldham, Paul Reubens, Gary Panter, Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Feris and many more.

Reaction: You never know what you are getting into when you watch a documentary. With this one you get to go on an awesome ride. From his early career, to his present day stand up/painting presentation, Wayne White is not one that you could call boring. I am not an artsy guy, but I do recognize his work from music videos. I highly encourage you to check out his website:


Would I see it again:  Very unlikely, ha! Just kidding. No I would see it again. His impersonation of LBJ was comical.

Would I recommend it: Absolutely. When I was walking out of the theater (to try to catch the next film on my schedule, that I didn't make) I saw Wayne in the hallway and told him "Nice job, man." True story.

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