Takeover! Review
Ryan Revolver



After 5 years of independently booked club tours,Austinbased band Full Service sets out on the road with 311 & Snoop Dogg for their 2008 tour. The thing is Full Service was never invited to tour.

This cute documentary follows the exploits of a band not settling for the level they are at, and instead seeking to create a whole new one with a half-cocked idea. While watching Takeover! I would laugh and shake my head at the same time. Not because what I was seeing was ludicrous (okay maybe it is a little) but because it was inspiring and had an existential spirit to it. Full Service were willing to face unknown consequences and hardships just to play in a sometimes full (sometimes not) lot where 311 and Snoop Dogg fans were parking their vehicles. The aura of this film embodies theAustin energy to the core.

You get to see the learning process that a group has to endure to get somewhere, like making sure the generator has gas! Adaptability is the name of the game for Full Service, with every city being a new challenge. And with said challenges comes the dramatic bickering that drew me in to the moment. From there first set inPhiladelphia, to the last one here inAustin, you will root for Full Service to get some achievement out of there unique venture.

I got more out of watching Takeover! than some of the Oscar Nominated Documentary films I saw this year. Paper cut-outs of the band was used to show how Full Service was going to takeover a new parking lot. It does sound cheap, but it coincides with the fact that the band is on a tour with limited funding.

For more information on the band visit fullservicemusic.com.

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