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Have you ever not known what to type, and just stare at the blinking cursor? You know what you have to write about, you liked what you have to write about, but you do not know how to write about it.

That is where I am.

The movie is The FP, which is fantastically awesome. Or maybe so bad it’s good. In a dystopian future two rival gangs, the 248 & the 245, battle it out with the help of a dance video game called Beat-Beat Revolution. This movie might have just been made for film geeks to giggle over immature moments in I did. The thing that is so beautiful about The FP is the serious tone becomes instantly hilarious due to the timed delivery.

After the death of his brother during a Beat-Beat Revolution game, JTRO leaves Frazier Park. One year later his friend KCDC talks JTRO into coming back to The FP. JTRO then begins training to take on his rival L Dubba E.

This movie was so engrossing I have to go see it again. The only thing I can say is go check out The FP. Then let me know what you think either by the KLBJ Movies Facebook page, or on Twitter (@KLBJMovies).

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