Monsieur Lazhar Review
Ryan Revolver

An Algerian immigrant (Mohamed Fellag) steps in to a vacant teaching position, after the previous teacher died, and helps lead the students move on and heal.

Wow! This was a fantastic film! I was blessed to have gotten to see Monsieur Lazhar during SXSW. Nominated for an Oscar, this gem from our friends to the north (Montreal, Canada…not Oklahoma) has a very poignant story. The classroom scenes were shot beautifully, and the dialogue is rich and shows the talent of the screenwriter.

The kids could hold there own against Fellag, and Fellag is captivating with his shy & nervous ways. I left the Paramount Theater with the same kind of good feeling I had when I left the theater after seeing the King’s Speech-Oscar Best Picture winner for 2011.

If you want to see the trailer that corresponds with the clip in the review click here.

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