Fantastic Fest: Day 2
Ryan Revolver


Movie: Combat Girls


Synopsis: The debut feature from director-writer David Wnendt—is a bleak tale of two girls who, for very different reasons, get swept up in the resurgent Neo-Nazi movement in Germany.


Friggin Opinion: Those crazy neo-Nazi’s and there crazy swastika tattoos. This film was able to translate that hate & beliefs can be passed down from generation to generation. Beliefs can be washed away by the ocean, but that hate will still reside in the heart. That hate in the heart will not prevent someone from helping the "lesser race". How do modern Nazi’s display their hatred for all other races? Post racially-driven beatings aboard trains on YouTube of course.


Was It Fantastic? Heil yes it was fantastic.



Movie: The Warped Forest


Synopsis: Shunichiro Miki delivers a shot of utter madness. Penis guns! Nipple monsters! A giant girl running a very small shop! This quasi-sequel to THE FUNKY FOREST more than lives up to the weird factor of its predecessor.


Friggin Opinion: This warm & colorful sci-fi movie was just precious from the start. With weirdness pushed to the max, it is kinda like a live-action anime (complete with cartoony sound effects). I kept wrapping my brain around how to make one person seem like a giant, and another seem normal height on screen. Probably from after effects like MS Paint. You gotta hand it to director Schunichiro Miki for saving up money, from shooting commercials for 10 years, to fund The Warped Forest. If someone asked me to make a list of Fantastic Fest Favorites, this movie would make the list.


Was It Fantastic? Hell yeah!



Movie: Graceland


Synopsis: When a driver for a powerful congressman picks up his and his boss’s daughter from school, he's annoyed to find himself being pulled over. But this alleged cop, far from an officer of the law, sets in motion a downward spiral of kidnapping, murder, deceit and deep depravity.


Friggin Opinion: Kidnapping, child prostitution, and black market organs becomes compacted together in whatever f***** up country this movie is taking place in (no offense to the Philippines-which is where Graceland was filmed). Some cool twists and turns. Never count out the dimwits to be deceptive.


Was It Fantastic? Yes



Movie: Vegetarian Cannibal


Synopsis: A corrupt gynecologist provides illegal abortions to prostitutes working for the Croatian mafia.


Friggin Opinion: As realistic as the dog fighting seen was, no actual pooches were harmed during the filming of Vegetarian Cannibal. So that’s good. The doctor just keeps getting dug deeper into a hole filled with…aborted fetuses. If I was the doctor, I would have bailed out of the illegal side business once cops started asking questions.


Was It Fantastic? Yeah I said “aborted fetuses”. Show this movie to a room full of 8th graders-and not one will want to have a child or become a sex-worker. I can guarantee it.




Movie: Holy Motors


Synopsis: While following a day in the life of Mr. Oscar as he attends several appointments, things quickly unravel and spiral out of control, abandoning all sense of logic or sanity. Fans of Carax’s ‘Merde’ segment of Fantastic Fest 2008 hit TOKYO! will be right back at home.


Friggin Opinion: Each assignment becomes just as weird as the last. This makeup/disguise master softy terrorizes the streets of Paris in zany scenes that you will have to see to believe. Just what is going on? I shall never know, until I hear the director’s commentary. Eva Mendes and Kylie Minogue are part of the cast. Mendes plays a skanky-model during a severely demented scene that I am still scarred from.


Was It Fantastic? I’m confused…I don't know what I witnessed. The ending did not give me any answers! DAMN YOU!



Movie: Cold Blooded


Synopsis: Things quickly spiral out of control when a policewoman must protect her recently comatose suspect from a violent crime boss who has cornered them in an isolated hospital wing.


Friggin Opinion: Watch the world’s worst cop NOT take on crime. Well she tries her best, so I will give her some credit. Twisted criminals, slimy store clerks, crooked cops, and diamonds all in one film. Cold Blooded is the result of House and Snatch having a baby together.


Was It Fantastic? Do cops like doughnuts? That would be a yes.



Movie: Pusher


Synopsis: A small time drug dealer gets in way over his head when a big deal goes bad in Luis Prieto’s British remake of Nicolas Winding Refn's debut feature film.


Friggin Opinion: The next sentence might get me into trouble in the future. Having a drug dealer as a central character is just a tad bit overused in cinema. That is a fact. Having another movie, with another drug dealer in it could bring on the rolling of the eyes. I did not roll my eyes while watching Pusher, in fact my eyes were glued to the screen. I was enthralled with what was going to happen to Frank. One of his associates, Flo, was radiatively-beautiful. The ending left you wondering what happened. I smell a sequel in the works. If someone says to you "Hey you wanna go see Pusher?", do it! The suspense is spectacular!


Was It Fantastic? Abso-friggin-lutely.



Movie: The King Of Pigs


Synopsis: THE KING OF PIGS is an emotionally punishing animated indie film about a group of friends whose brutal childhoods continue to haunt them as adults.


Friggin Opinion: "Emotionally pushing animated film" is an understatement. The moral of the story is to fight back. Some rough stuff is in this movie. Insecurities about family wealth, extreme lack of confidence, and homicidal range just to name a few. Think Dangerous Minds (without Michelle Pfeiffer) & in South Korea, and you have The King Of Pigs.


Was It Fantastic? I honestly don't know. It was haunting. Haunting is the new fantastic. 

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