Fantastic Fest: Day 4
Ryan Revolver

Movie: Vanishing Waves


Synopsis: A scientist with a neurological research team volunteers to experiment with a new technology which will allow him to access the thoughts of a coma victim.


Friggin Opinion: We dive into the perimeters of the mind. Residual self-image is in full force here (need clarification on RSI? Watch The Matrix). This film was much better than the SXSW film Extracted (going into a heroin addicts head). Of course if you are going in a humans mind there is gonna be sex involved (that’s what we’re thinking about all the time). Guess what: in Vanishing Waves there is an orgy scene. Don’t act so surprised


Was It Fantastic? It was so-so.



Movie: Room 237


Synopsis: Rodney Ascher's ROOM 237 is a fascinating documentary that explores bizarre theories about the subtext and symbolism underlying Stanley Kubrick's landmark film THE SHINING.


Friggin Opinion: This documentary will make you examine the fine workings of The Shining, whether you want to or not. So strap in, hang on, an see the symbols.


Was It Fantastic? Not only was it fantastic, but it was MIND BLOWING!



Movie: I Declare War


Synopsis: A group of exceptionally creative teens gets sucked into their own private Lord of the Flies scenario when an after-school game of “war” turns into a test of loyalty, strategy and friendship.


Friggin Opinion: Remember being a snot-nosed little kid and having to discover who you were? The imaginary battlefield is enjoyable depecited in I Declare War. The hardships of war, and loving Patton, can be found somewhere between the two bases.


Was It Fantastic? Nice use of editing. One moment a kid is packing a machine gun, the next minute the audience is brought out of “imagination land” and you’re staring at a snot-nosed little kid holding a stick.



Movie: A Big Gun + Henge


Synopsis: A double shot from Japanese up-and-comer Hajime Ohata. Blending elements of Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Shinya Tsukamoto with just the right amount of kaiju monster battles, Ohata is quickly building a reputation as one of Japan’s brightest new talents.


Friggin Opinion: You have to get through 45 minutes of two dudes putting together 50 regular sized guns to see the 11th hour awesomeness in A Big Gun. Pass on the 1st half of this feature, and see the mother-earth version of Godzilla in Henge.


Was It Fantastic? A Big Gun was boooooring. Henge is a better use of your time.



Movie: Wrong


Synopsis: Everyman Dolph Springer’s (Jack Plotnick) world is turned wrong when he awakens at 7:60 one morning to find his beloved dog missing in Quentin’s Dupieux’s latest absurdist opus and follow up to 2010’s killer tire film, RUBBER.


Friggin Opinion: Like Bernie, Wrong has the ability to make you laugh at death. You shouldn’t feel bad about this ability, of course. Have you ever just had an off-setting day that turned into a half dozen? This film dives into that phenomena. Everything is backwards, everyone is odd, and traffic cops becoming increasingly ruder towards simple questions


Was It Fantastic? Off-beat moments, great ending, and a character that kidnaps dogs. You know this was fantastic.



Movie: Tower Block


Synopsis: The last remaining tenants of a deteriorating, soon-to-be-demolished tower block must band together to survive when a killer with a high-powered sniper rifle starts picking them off through the windows of their flats.


Friggin Opinion: First it’s just a lovely morning, and then: BAM comes the barrage of bullets. Watching the tenants of the building scramble to survive is fast paced, and brings you into the moment. Not knowing who the shooter is just adds to the suspense.


Was It Fantastic? Damn skippy!



Movie: Cockneys Vs. Zombies


Synopsis: When a badly planned bank robbery and a zombie outbreak collide, hilarity ensues in this balls-out, irreverent British comedy.


Friggin Opinion: Absolutely hilarious! The different archetypes of East London wannabe gangsters, coupled with retirement home residents, gives you two different scenarios that collide in a fun way.


Was It Fantastic? It was fantastic. I never get tired of hearing Brits calling each other ‘muppets’.

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