The Thieves Review
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Two different teams of professional, and highly skilled, thieves come together for a Macau casino diamond heist. Leader of one of the teams, Popie, use to work for the mastermind of the diamond heist-Macao Park. The diamond was originally stolen by Madame Tiffany, mistress to Wei Hong (who happens to be the owner of the diamond). Park plans on selling the diamond back to Hong-who is known for his violent tendencies.


This action-comedy was Ocean’s Eleven with a way better flare of zany criminal activities, complete with a more salacious backstory. The opening Museum heist, with dazzling acrobatics and timed-perfection, is just a nibble. Popie (Jung-Jae Lee) conducts a well-planned theft with the assistance of his team: Chewingum (Hae-suk Kim), Yenicall (Gianna Jun) and Zampano (Soo Hyun Kim). In Hong Kong Chen (Simon Yam), Johnny (Kwok Cheung Tsang) and wacky Andrew (Dal-su Oh) are robbing a jewelry store with more guns and less finesse than that of Popie’s squad.


The halftime betrayal propelled the movie into a killer-good second half. The sour history of Popie, Park and recently paroled Pepsi (Hye-suk Kim) is told through flashbacks before being goldenly wrapped up in the present. The Thieves was fun, fresh and fierce. It had spirit to it that makes this a movie you can watch more than once and not be bored. If you like fight scenes suspended on the sides of buildings; and police and thieves in the streets-scaring the nation with their guns and ammunation...then this film is up your alley.


I give The Thieves ★★★★

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