The Comedy Review
Ryan Revolver


Swanson (Tim Heidecker) is an aging hipster whose wealthy father is in poor health. He spends his days and nights with his like-minded friends Van Arman (Eric Wareheim) and Ben (James Murphy).


The Comedy had absolutely no artistic merit. Character development is non-existent. The characters don’t have much to devolve into because they are total pond scum from the very beginning. All of the dialogue was dribble, incoherent dribble. The “actors” were just blubbering out nonsensical lines equal to the weight of a feather. All of the characters are all weird losers that were impossible to connect to anyone with more than a 3rd grade educational level. If the filmmakers were trying to make this “movie” a drama, then why was there an attempt to raise chuckles from the viewer with fecal and genital jokes?


Swanson lurched through society pretending to have importance, with Heidecker pretending to the camera that he was acting. Is The Comedy a recruitment video for Occupy Wall Street? I assume a central theme of this “film” is that rich people suck. I forced myself to watch the entire thing, and am now extremely pissed off that I will never get those 94 minutes back. It is a shame that James Murphy is in this film, because it makes me question his career as front man for LCD Soundsystem.


The Comedy delivers zero value to the audience at a brutally long 94 minutes that you will never, ever be given back. This pile of convoluted excrement is making my list of worst movie of the year.


I give The Comedy - ★

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