Red Dawn Review
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A group of young Americans, led by U.S. Marine Jed Eckert (Chris Hemsworth), fight back against invading North Korean forces.


Let’s break down just the beginnings of each movie. Red Dawn (class of ‘84) makes the viewer READ what the state of the world is (Russia invading Poland, Mexico in the middle of a revolution, etc). The remake is composed of video clips of Obama, Biden, and reporters painting you a picture of the state of the planet. We as a society have become so A.D.D. that filmmakers have to pander to our lack of attention spans.


I mean come on! The initial attack in Red Dawn (1984) was Russian paratroopers descending on a school full of frantic teenagers. The remake shows a sky full of digitally created planes, with one crashing conveniently into the neighbor’s house. A Russian invasion during the Cold War was feasible. North Korea (originally China before a year-long digital altering) descending onto U.S. Soil even with Ruskie support is impractical. The 80’s Wolverines were already skilled hunters and outdoors men. A lame Hemsworth led guerilla training montage turned the novice marksman into a formidable insurgency group. The absolute worst part of the movie was Hemsworth bickering with his onscreen brother, Josh Peck. 


I went into this movie on a remake-high. I had watched Dredd just a few days before Red Dawn, and was expecting a decent Wolverine performance. I didn't get it, in case you couldn't tell. Here is the kicker: I would go see this movie again, I just wouldn't pay to see it.


I give Red Dawn - ★★

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