In Our Nature Review
Ryan Revolver


Musician Seth (Zach Gilford) escapes to the family cabin for the weekend with vegan girlfriend Andie (Jena Malone). He just wasn’t expecting his disapproving dad Gil (John Slattery) and new girlfriend Vicky (Gabrielle Union) on showing up.


In Our Nature repeatedly made me squeal with delight. The awkwardness was great, and doesn’t let up lightly. Andie and Vicky venturing across enemy lines to try to bridge the gap between father and son was tactful. Each had their own method. Vicky ventured into Seth’s tree house (and childhood); while Andie shared a joint with Gil, and tricked him into the kitchen with Seth. The two women were the most sensible of the group.


John Slattery is such a sincere actor; it was such a treat to see him in the jerky dad role of Gil. Still seeing a messy boy, Gil chastises Seth repeatedly. Zach Gilford demonstrated the "tortured/moody artist mad at his dad" with acoustic guitar in hand. At the end Seth finally learns how to fight fire with fire, and upstages Gil. With all of these crazy diets that we are inundated with, it is fresh to hear someone (even if it is just a fictitious character) mock the thought of veganism. Blended families forming do not create a harmonious union, and In Our Nature demonstrates that. Members of family will drift apart after spats; frustrated as hell at each other. When all is said and done, nature somehow brings us back together.


In the Austin area, you can see In Our Nature at Regal Arbor 8 starting December 14th.


In Our Nature - ★★★1/2

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