Sleep Tight DVD Review
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From the director that brought you [Rec] and [Rec]² comes Sleep Tight. Mu-ha-ha-ha! You didn’t see [Rec] and [Rec]²? Well you might have seen the not-as-good-as-the-original American version retitled Quarantine, and then Quarantine 2: Terminal.


Okay back to Sleep Tight. During the day César (Luis Tosar) acts as an apartment building concierge: opening the door, feeding your dogs, and forgetting to water the plants on the roof. During night he turns into the creepy guy under your bed while you sleep. Yeah, that’s right. Creepy guy under your bed, well not your bed per say. He is under Clara’s (Marta Etura) bed, one of the tenants in the building he is supposed to be serving. César might be a little on the strange side, but at least he visits his sick mom in the hospital every day.


I made the mistake of taking acting classes, and kept asking myself during Sleep Tight “What is César’s motivation for being creepy?” You find out in his opening monologue, but it doesn’t quite click until you get deeper into the movie. Did I like the first 80 minutes? Meh…a little bit. Did I like the last 20 minutes when everything is understood; and the darkness of man comes out swinging with a Louisville Slugger? You betcha!


Director Jaume Balagueró does not give us a deadly virus, or what happens when that deadly virus interacts with humans. He gives us a Hitchcockian thriller where the boogeyman has everything planned out, and can adapt to situations he didn’t predict when he concocted his scheme. Tosar did a fine job of playing a content man, when his character was anything but content. Last but not least Etura displayed a women going through perils, even though she doesn’t know the origin of them.


Sleep Tight★★1/2 (available on Blu-ray & DVD January 8)

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