A Good Day to Die Hard
Ryan Revolver


New York supercop John McClane (Bruce Willis…duh) is back, again. This time McClane is on vacation, again, in Russia because his son Jack (Jai Courtney) is in a Moscow prison.


Despite the repetitive themes/lines of dialogue that we are accustomed to, A Good Day to Die Hard is still a fun big dumb action movie. The fifth installment in the series is a better catch than Live Free or Die Hard, but cannot compare to the first three films. 


The John McClane character has not changed since his film introduction in 1988. He can be a pain in the ass, survive the odds, and shoot guns. Love it or leave it that is his M.O. He survives actions (like jumping off a building) that us mere mortals could not. The McClane character is a vehicle for escaping into the surreal, but still retaining some realism. The car chase scene in traffic congested Moscow was really cool. McClane being in a different country for the first time was cool. The second half plot & setting change was dumb.


Like in Live Free or Die Hard McClane is at odds with one of his kids, this time his son. That would mean that Mary Elizabeth Winstead is nowhere to be seen? WRONG! Jai is the know-it-all C.I.A. agent that lacks the real world experience of his dad. Despite his character being annoying, Jai Courtney wasn’t terrible as Jack McClane. When I say wasn’t terrible I really mean microwavable mediocre.  Don’t get me started on the Russians and there unbelievable scientific mumbo jumbo…


When Bruce repeatedly says the line “I’m on vacation” it reminded me of Dante from Clerks repeatedly saying “I'm not even supposed to be here today!” The ending suggests that if A Good Day to Die Hard does well at the box office that we will get a Die Hard 6. So yeah, there’s that.


A Good Day to Die Hard - ★★1/2

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