SXSW Day 5 (Grow Up, Tony Phillips)
Ryan Revolver

Movie: Grow Up, Tony Phillips

Synopsis: Who doesn't love Halloween? All of Tony Phillips' (Tony Vespe) high school friends, apparently. It's senior year and they've now decided that they’re too cool for Halloween. When his older cousin (AJ Bowen) returns home right before the Holiday, Tony starts to wonder if he really is the dork everyone thinks he is, or if he’s just ahead of the curve.


What I thought: Growing up sucks. That thing that you look forward to, like Halloween, might be construed differently by the cool kids. Grow Up, Tony Phillips capitalizes on that. It is almost too easy to connect with what Tony is going through, and bring it into your own life. Tony is a very mature character penned by a very mature writer/director. He sticks to his guns, and remains true to himself (despite the occasional opposition or public ridicule). Writer/Director Emily Hagins had me sold from the opening credit sequence. In other words, I liked the film. Hurray for indie Austin filmmakers!


Looking for some extra credit? Check out the trailer for Grow Up, Tony Phillips & then read a Ms. Hagins interview (in that order).

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