Stoker Review
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After the death of her father, India (Mia Wasikowska) meets her long-lost Uncle Charlie (Matthew Goode). India’s and her mother Evelyn (Nicole Kidman) both become infatuated with Charlie, but in different ways.


To put it short, Stoker is dangerous. A good dangerous. Director Chan-wook Park deserves some applause, as does the writer Wentworth Miller (the tattooed guy from Prison Break). Everyone in front of the camera helped bring the project together in a most eerie way.


There were many great cuts & transitions that helped heighten the suspense. Many scenes were eye opening, as well jaw dropping. The twists and turns that unfolded as the movie progressed were unexpected, and made for an even better presentation. Simply put, Stoker works out oh so well-and on so many levels. Kidman delivered as the absentee mother, who shows hints of jealousy towards the daughter-father bond that still exists. Both Wasikowska and Goode were creepy, but in different ways. Wasikowska is the weird high school girl, while Goode is the watcher with a purpose. A great thriller-mystery ride, the kind of movie you have to watch again.


Stoker - ★★★1/2

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