At Any Price Review
Ryan Revolver


Mega-farmer Henry Whipple (Dennis Quaid) fights to protect the future of his farm, despite the fact that his son Dean (Zac Efron) wants nothing to do with the corn fields.


At Any Price has lots of themes and activities going on, all bailed together creating a compelling look at modern agriculture. To put it in layman’s terms: I enjoyed watching this film. It’s the kind of movie you can appreciate everything about it. In fact I cannot even think of one part of it I disliked. It was captivating-frame for frame.


Quaid was solid as usual as an overly proud and modern farmer; complete with sophisticated problems that keep building. He has this goofy smile that is just friggin’ hilarious. He shined most when making sales calls with Efron’s girlfriend, Cadence (Maika Monroe). On the open road the two strangely bonded. Did you know tractors have GPS? I didn’t…


Anyways, Efron continues to impress (much like his stake in The Paperboy). His desire of being a Nascar driver symbolizes what some young man in America has-a dream that only a select few can do. There is much more to this film than what appears on the surface. The racing scenes were fast paced and cool. Of course, I mean it is racing bro.


At Any Price - ★★★1/2

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