Vivan las Antipodas Review
Ryan Revolver


Director Victor Kossakovsky shows eight locations (or four antipodes) from around the globe, showing the connection of these distant areas. Vivan las Antipodas might be the most relaxing movie you will ever take part in watching. The cinematography embodies that whole “Earth is round” theory that is floating around. I mean it is some crazy good cinematography.


The transitions were truly stunning. A lot of thought, time and care went into that process-along with travelling to locations across the globe. This documentary just lets you sink into your chair and witness little bits of activity that happen on a regular basis, whether you know it or not. Sweeping cinéma vérité shots really bring you into the spot. Even the only urban setting in the docurama, Shanghai, is inviting. After watching Vivan las Antipodas don’t be surprised if you suddenly want to go travel to all the locations just to take in the sunsets and other wonderful sights. Personal favorite moments: a man dirt-biking on an active Hawaiian volcano (lava is very mesmerizing), an elephant resting its trunk on its tusk in Botswana, and a vulture gliding in Baykal. My only complaint is the length, but you can’t really cut out the process that makes up the spine of this project. Like I said, this is a very relaxing film. A cappuccino or another caffeinated beverage would be highly recommended. Be glad you’re given the opportunity to see this. Somewhere in Entre Rios, Argentina two brothers don’t even have a radio…man.


Vivan las Antipodas is playing May 4th & 5th at Alamo Drafthouse Village.


Vivan las Antipodas - ★★★

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