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Somehow I fooled enough people into believing that I have some importance. From time-to-time I get press releases that I simply look over, and then delete forever from my email. Instead of being a jerk, I figure I might as well share it with you:


 "It's hell being my age, and having to do those Trek conventions kid!"


Product placement in movies is nothing new. That goober E.T. was munching down Reese’s Pieces like they were going out of style 30 years ago. Now-a-days the sophistication of movies and products is very intertwined. Remember that big fuss about James Bond drinking a Heineken? If you have carefully analyzed Skyfall (as I did) you will come to realize that the Dutch beer is hardly in the movie. I am willing to bet that Daniel Craig spends more time in the Heineken commercials than Heineken spends in the movie. The moral of the story is some movies get some of their budget covered; and all an actor has to do is spend a few days making a commercial showcasing said product.



Such is the case with Star Trek Into Darkness. We are made to believe that Zachary Quinto (Spock) and Leonard Nimoy (older Spock) clearly have some kind of friendship off the set. After a nail-biting game of chess, they race off to the country club. Last one to arrive buys lunch. The whole process is very amusing, funny, and re-watchable. “The Challenge” also succeeds in Audi punching Mercedes-Benz in the head…lights. Even a novice Star Trek fan will pick up on the numerous references.



I don’t know the model of the Audi that Quinto is driving, but damn it is rather sexy watching all the features being showcased (complete with a Star Trek-y score). So clearly now I want to buy an Audi, because if I was to play golf I would want to be able to put my clubs in the trunk. Not in the front seat, like Nimoy has to do. Maybe the stress from having a small trunk has sent Nimoy into a psychotic state. Evidence of this is from his weird Hobbit monologue.


While the Spock vs. Spock challenge is not anywhere life-threatening, it did get my writing team thinking deeper.


I don’t have a writing team...but if I did it would look something like this


Fantastic Fest has debates that morphs into a boxing match. I would want to see a Shatner vs. Abrams in challenge/debate scenario. I am sure Abrams is itching at the chance to punch William Shatner, since Shatner has complained about his lack of presence in Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness. Or better yet, what about a Spock’s vs. Kirk’s vs. Abrams cage match? Tim League could be the referee.  


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