The Fruit Hunters Review
Ryan Revolver


Men and women, of different nationalities & backgrounds, cross the globe in search of rare fruits. Not only to preserve, but to taste.


The opening narrated line of “fruit from the supermarket never inspires insanity” really sets the tone of this ain’t gonna’ be just some boring documentary about fruits. The Fruit Hunters is more cheery than other documentaries where the subject matter is centered on our food supply. These sportsmen are positive in their quest, despite the gloomy proposition of certain plants going the way of the dinosaurs.


Scenes reenacting those in history that have preserved fruit were very cool cuts set side by side with present day footage. Personally I am quite fond of pineapples; it is fun to…wait a tick. Is that Bill Pullman? It is! That is what I love about documentaries. They are informational, and the filmmaker might have stumbled upon Pullman’s obsession with fruit at a mango auction (anything and everything can be auctioned away apparently). Out of that encounter came the segment with Pullman and his pet project: Maxine’s Mountain. You discover the seed that sprouted Pullman’s obsession with fruit, as well as witness him playing the mad scientist of fruit smoothies. Traversing dense Borneo jungles with a Penan tribe leader just to shimmy up a tree for a rare fruit is in the job description for some of the people showcased in The Fruit Hunters. Wars have started over fruits, and certain variations of bananas are no longer with us. So those going to great lengths to protect what mother earth gave us are doing important work.


The Fruit Hunters is playing at Alamo Drafthouse Slaughter Lane.


The Fruit Hunters - ★★★

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