Man of Steel Review
Ryan Revolver


That guy with a big S on his outfit (Henry Cavill) seeks to discover who or what he is; while danger in the form of General Zod (Michael Shannon) spells certain doom for Earth.


Zack Snyder didn’t make this completely his own. He saw scenes from other summer blockbusters that he liked, and injected them like hormones into Man of Steel. What you get is this origin adventure about a loner who comes out of leftfield and saves us all. Cavill passed as the savior of earth, but it was the supporting cast that really made this film what it is. The Kent’s (Diane Lane & Kevin Costner) and Lois (Amy Adams) provided the humanity, while Shannon provided the embodiment of sheer “not of this world” terror.


The Krypton opening portion serves as the “eh not bad” foundation for a planet that mirrors what ours could be. Complete with phrases from Jor-El (Russel Crowe) such as “energy depletion” and “our planet is dying, why will you Kryptonian elders not listen to the smartest guy in the room?” It is important to remember that unlike Zod, Jor-El is a HUGE believer in free will.


The back and forth between Clark as a child, and Clark as an adult, reduced the feel of the runtime into a tightly manicured presentation. This being a popcorn movie, the discussion of the validity of the characters compared to the comics is for others to make. I could elaborate more on Man of Steel. The little sneaks in there about drones, military industrial complex, the church & faith, etc. But why? Ya’ gotta just sit back and enjoy the fight scenes. Something is satisfying about Cavill chunking a U-Haul van at one of Shannon’s foot soldiers; only to have a train lobbed right back at him.


Man of Steel - ★★★

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