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Somehow I fooled enough people into believing that I have some importance. From time-to-time I get press releases that I simply look over, and then delete forever from my email. Instead of being a jerk, I figure I might as well share it with you:


What a fun over-redundant last couple of months for online campaigns. First you have Veronica Mars (currently filming). Then Zach Braff. And who is the latest big named culprit seeking film financial opportunity? James Franco. I can’t bash those responsible for Veronica Mars too much (never saw the show, and Kristen Bell is just too damn adorable to make fun of), and profits from Franco’s trilogy of films are reportedly going to Art of Elysium. So that only leaves Zach Braff to totally rip apart with my keyboard…


I totes took this photo when The New Pornographers played @ Stubbs back in 2010. Yeah I'm so cool...


Kathryn Calder, keyboard/vocalist of The New Pornographers, is the subject of the latest in online campaigns. It all started back in 2006 when Calder designed a shirt for the organization Yellow Bird Project, whose goal is “collaborating with indie rock bands to raise money and awareness for various charity organizations, usually through the sale of band-designed t-shirts.”


Seems simple enough, right? Calder had a reason for wanting the proceeds from the shirt she designed to go to ALS Society of BC. Her mother had ALS (commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s), and she was the primary caregiver. The co-founders of YBP (Matthew Stotland & Casey Cohen) found out about this, and the dream of Calder’s mother to hear Calder’s first solo album. Stotland & Cohen decided to go for a different medium and produce a documentary about ALS.



Cohen says “This is a film about courage in the face of disease. It’s about letting difficult experiences meet artistic impulses and about make a positive difference through music.” The crew I guess felt the message, because they volunteered for months on the documentary titled A Matter Of Time (which will feature ALS experts as well as cover Calder’s career). Compared to other Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaigns, these guys are seeking out a modest $50,000. For a pledge of $4,000 you can be an Associate Producer. Or if you want a song written by Kathryn Calder on a subject of your choosing pledge $5,000.


Out of all the online campaigns I have read about over the last few months, this one appears to have the most weight in terms of importance. And heart. Sorry Franco. To donate or get more information check out the Kickstarter page.

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