You've Got Mail
Ryan Revolver

Somehow I fooled enough people into believing that I have some importance. From time-to-time I get press releases that I simply look over, and then delete forever from my email. Instead of being a jerk, I figure I might as well share it with you:


Behold! The red band trailer for Oldboy (well Spike Lee's version). It looks terrifically brutal. Will it hold the value and shock that the Chan-wook Park version delivered? I guess we will find October 25th. If you are sensitive to graphic violence and/or harsh language then you probably shouldn't hit play:



It certainly has a first-rate cast. Sam Jackson, Josh Brolin & Elizabeth Olsen all have had remarkable roles (especially young Olsen). The wild ending from the 2003 version seems like it might make it to this retelling. Of course I am just scrutinizing because American audiences might be uncomfortable with extreme subject matter. No biggie if the endings don't match up right? Hey look! It's Michael Imperioli from The Sopranos. Okay we're done here.

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