The Conjuring Review
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Lorraine (Vera Farmiga) and Ed (Patrick Wilson) Warren descend upon the isolated house of Carolyn (Lili Taylor) and Roger Perron’s (Ron Livingston) family home; where unexplained danger is threatening the Perron clan.


More of a “suspense-building thriller” than a straight “jump outta your seat” kind of film. The Conjuring is a tribute film to other supernatural spookfest movies from the 1970’s, and it pays homage with respect and admiration.


Starting off with the Warren’s being the center of attention turns you into an armchair demonology detective, even if the film is hard to predict. As the title scrolled across the screen (compliment with an eerie music score) I transcended time to yesteryears. A testament to the strength of women, Farmiga and Taylor showed both terror and courage when facing the household menace. They were the strongest asset, acting wise, to the movie (no offense to the gentleman). The motherly instinct to protect their young was ever present-and serves as a hidden central theme of the movie. One scene of the movie, where the possessor is hiding behind a door, the camera starts off upside down looking under the bed before elevating while doing a 180 and facing said door. It was effective enough to make me turn my head as the process began. Furthering my admiration of Farmiga, her clairvoyance adds to scenes where her ability gives her sight beyond the others. There is depth in this film, and the super 8 slides shown to the audience from previous Warren investigations is proof.  


With horror films (or thriller/supernatural/horror movies) from last year being so God awful, The Conjuring is a vast improvement to the genre. Not all horror movies released last year were bad, but majority of them stunk to high hell. No pun intended. If The Conjuring is the turnaround of things to come, then let this vintage piece be celebrated. Wait till you see the ending.


The Conjuring - ★★★

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