We're the Millers Review
Ryan Revolver


David (Jason Sudekis) is a small time pot dealer who is given the ultimatum of smuggling an RV full of pot into the country from Mexico. He persuades scourges of society to help him fulfill the disguise as a vacationing American family.


Nothing screams out as innovative with We’re the Millers, yet the ensemble packs a wallop in the laughs department. Being part of the audience lets you in on the joke the whole time, as you watch the fictitious family utilize the on/off switch (depending on who’s around or if they are in public). The end result is multiple instances where you can LOL at cell phone etiquette, ragrettable tattoos, and international close calls.


Yes Jennifer Aniston as a stripper is something. Conveniently placed to capture the 18-35 male demographic; her impromptu dance is both awkward and sexy. Like going into a gentleman’s club and seeing an ex on stage. Yes Jason Sudeikis is funny as the non-threatening ringleader of the merry group. But the brightest star of the bunch is definitively Will Poulter, the weakest member of the fake fam. His exploits are so innocent, so untarnished. He is blissfully unaware of life that when it comes to him he clumsily navigates it in the most professional way possible. Poulter really holds nothing back, including his characters dignity.


I could get deep about the mask one wears in society, but this will not be a coveted comedy classic. It gives a good time-capsule laugh for 2013 (and is something I could re-watch when it is available on DVD in 3 months). The Fitzgerald’s (Nick Offerman & Kathryn Hahn) RV having their names on the passenger door was a nice production touch.


We’re the Millers - ★★★1/2

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