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Ryan Revolver

Somehow I fooled enough people into believing that I have some importance. From time-to-time I get press releases that I simply look over, and then delete forever from my email. Instead of being a jerk, I figure I might as well share it with you:



It’s been something like a week since a film individual has gone “rogue” on the traditional way of getting money for a project through a studio. While it brings me much relish to joke around on this new emerging phenomenon, this guy I will give a pass to simply because of his last name.


Austin Lynch (son of David Lynch) is going full Kickstarter. His dream is to converse about class, identity, consumerism and progress. He is going to “blur the lines between fiction and reality” by making Gray House one part narrative, one part documentary.


Subjects include a Texas fisherman, North Dakota oil workers, some hippies in an undisclosed commune, and female inmates in Virginia. These geographically different subjects are part of the social/political investigation that Lynch is conducting. In his own words: “The film is about the effects of architecture on its inhabitants and the ways that our understanding of reality can be complicated by its representation.”



If you have $10,000 sitting around, gathering dust, you can donate it pledge it to this cause and become an Executive Producer.

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