Our Day Will Come Review
Ryan Revolver


The redheaded Rémy (Olivier Barthelemy) and his redheaded psychoanalyst Patrick (Vincent Cassel) set off on a self-discovery journey after Rémy runs away from home.


An alternative title for this film could be Revenge of the Redheads. It is a shame this table-turning dark comedy has taken so long to get to my eyeballs, but nonetheless it finally has (even though I had never heard of the film in the three years prior to digital release). Cassel reveals everything, and I do mean everything-and coaxes Barthelemy to do the same. What made me instantly appreciate this film once the credits started was the fact that it was as unpredictable as it was bizarre. Skillfully done for first-time director Romain Gavras. I will definitely be keeping my ear to the ground listening for his next project.


Cassel’s methods are unethical and confrontational stemming from his boredom at work-he is more interested in a bag of potato chips in an early scene than that of what his female patient is saying to him. The duo take off together, and they take the hilarity along for the ride (in the oddest Doctor/Patient relationship I can think of). Patrick’s repression unfolds in a series of escalating and volatile exploits-he is not afraid of upsetting the herd. It is easy to get lost in the calamity of it all and forget that this film is about contentment seekers, a sense of acceptance, and exploring one’s self. It is more fun to be bad than good…or something like that. Our Day Will Come is a film worth multiple viewings, thinking about certain scenes as I write this brings an evil smile to my face.

Our Day Will Come - ★★★★


Available through iTunes, Amazon and Xbox Video Store starting October 22nd

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