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Production has started on a John Cusack/Ryan Phillippe/Rachelle Lefevre adoption thriller, all on the island of Puerto Rico. The movie is called Reclaim.


Phillippe and Lefevre are the adopting couple of precious seven-year-old Nina, a native of the picturesque island. The new family starts its first family vacation together-seeing the coast and maybe visiting the Bacardi distillery.


Everything is going hunky dory until Cusack, part of the 75.8% white demographic of the island, enters the frame. Now little pwecious Nina is gone, along with the adoption agency worker (Jacki Weaver) that helped Phillippe and Lefevre. Clearly Cusack is behind the disappearances, right? Now the once happy-go-lucky couple has nobody, except Commandante Diaz (Luis Guzman).


Cusack was super creepy/homicidal in The Paperboy, so if he carries that over to Reclaim we may have something to talk about. Guzman and Weaver both serve as solid supporting character, the latter being nominated for an Oscar for her supporting role in Animal Kingdom and Silver Linings Playbook. Now we just have to wait for the 2 minute trailer and 6 minute featurette to really feel the Caribbean terror.  


Reclaim will be directed by Alan White in Puerto Rico.


Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico.

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