Ms. 45 Review
Ryan Revolver


Thana (Zoë Tamerlis), a mute seamstress in New York, is savagely raped twice in one day. She uses a .45 caliber pistol (which was obtained from her second attacker) and dishes out silent revenge on men across the city.


New York just has that innocence about it-ya’ know before Giuliani cracked down on crime and 9/11 happened. Cinematically, the fictionalized version of the urban jungle presented stories of a city at war with itself. Hardened citizens from Coney Island to the Garment District are spawned from this stage.


Tamerlis’ portrayal of Thana was not as strong on camera as the character could have been. She was unable to present the character’s true potential and motivation consistently without the use of dialogue. All of that is quite petty when she does begin wielding her “something borrowed” .45. I would have loved to have seen a scene where she procured more ammunition without the use of words, and I would have liked a sort of rules that she followed when blasting down her next victim. All of her victims were presented as creeps, but why blast down the non-violent creeps? I’m digging deep for a low-budget exploitation film, so I am just going to stop the nagging right now. I like how Ms. 45 is a time capsule of an era where NYC was dirty, crime-ridden, and the biggest enemy was the streets and not terrorists.


Ms. 45 - ★★★


Playing in select theaters beginning December 19th.

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