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FREE CHIROPRACTIC CARE for all branches of the military (active and retired), as well as their spouses and surviving spouses at Active Life in Austin Texas

If you are a retired veteran or currently active in the military, married to someone in the military - or if you know and love someone that is - please pass this on...especially if they live in Texas! We want to get the word out to everyone! This is our way of giving back so please show your support through liking and sharing this page:


For the next 90 days, Active Life Healing Center of Austin, Texas, has an important new mission and objective - we’re “Giving Healing to Those Who Protect Our Way of Life” by offering FREE CHIROPRACTIC CARE for all branches of the military (active and retired), as well as their spouses and surviving spouses. No strings attached. No selling or bait and switch. And no insurance required! All you need is proof of service and we’ll treat you for free for the next 90 days!

And yes - this includes:

Free x-rays (if needed)
Free consult and exam
Free treatment (including any needed adjustments)

Did you know that just over half of all veterans' post-deployment health visits are due to lingering pain in their backs, necks, knees or shoulders, and that according to a study in the Journal of Pain, about 100,000 veterans of the Gulf War nearly 20 years ago have reported chronic muscle pain? In fact, another study published in the October 2005 issue of the journal Anesthesia and Analgesia found that more than half of U.S. soldiers medically evacuated from Iraq and treated at military pain treatment centers weren’t suffering from battle wounds—but from bad backs.

Musculoskeletal injuries and pain are two of the most common problems facing our military and even with insurance, it’s both difficult and expensive to get treated. The amount of red tape they have to go through is frustrating and unneeded.

In our opinion, we (doctors and physicians) should be rolling out the red carpet for those who serve our country and fight for the freedoms we all enjoy, not making them jump through hoops and wrestle miles of red tape just to get the care they need and deserve.

At Active Life Healing Center in Austin, Texas, we’re taking matters into our own hands. We’re standing up for the rights of our service men and women and their spouses. We’re setting a standard and starting a trend where service and care of our troops is given freely and lovingly by the people they have spent their lives and years protecting.

Meeting A Real Need
With only a few military insurance-approved chiropractic clinics spread sparsely over the US, the waiting list to be treated, multiple insurance restrictions and the amount of time and hassle it requires to get approval or referrals, it’s extremely clear the need for free chiropractic care for our military has been long overdue.

At Active Life, we’re already treating soldiers suffering from a variety of issues, including the all-too-common (and extremely painful) “Rucksack Palsy” often caused by carrying massively heavy backpacks for many miles. Our troops are lugging around 30 pounds or more of body armor and when you combine that with long deployments in harsh climates and challenging terrain, sitting in uncomfortable positions while riding in long convoys, sleeping on notoriously ill-supporting Army cots and facing the day-to-day stress of living in a war zone, you’ve got the makings for a musculoskeletal nightmare filled with lifelong pain and stress. The need for treatment is clear and present, but so few have access to a high level of cutting edge and affordable chiropractic care near to their location.

And that’s why we’re doing what we’re doing. For the next 90 days, Active Life is stepping up to the front line and giving free healing chiropractic care - including x-rays, consultation and exam, and treatment - to all active and retired branches of our US Military and Armed Forces. We’re even going a step further and treating spouses and surviving beneficiaries of fallen soldiers (which is what most insurances leave out). All for free. No strings attached. No sales pitches or bait-n-switch. No obligation and no insurance will be billed.

We love our troops and we could never even begin to repay the debt we owe them, but this is our way of saying “Thank you”.

Our objective is looking for backup and support in our endeavor to get the word out all over Texas (especially Austin) so that everyone knows what we’re doing.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to spread the word! Even if you aren’t in the military, married or related to someone who is, friends with a soldier or knows someone who is - then I’m sure you know someone who knows someone that tell them! Please like our Facebook page and share this with everyone - let them know that at Active Life Healing Center in Austin, Texas, we love and support our troops and we’re giving BACK!

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 512-474-5433, visit, or email Dr. Cynthia Schade directly at We start booking appointments on Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013 and will continue for 90 days. You must bring your Military ID or proof of service to qualify.

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