She 'degraded an honorable icon! Creator of original foam finger blasts Miley Cyrus
Posted 8/30/2013 12:07:00 PM



The originator of the now-ubiquitous foam finger is disappointed at his creation being 'degraded' by Miley Cyrus in her controversial performance with Robin Thicke at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday.

Steve Chmelar, 59, created the first finger back in 1971 when he was a 16-year-old looking for a way to cheer on his school basketball team in the Iowa state championships.

Chmelar never imagined his homage to school sports would eventually find its way on-stage with a 20-year-old pop-star clad in a skin-colored latex bikini doing unspeakable things to it.


Cyrus' thrusting, grinding, twerking and inability to keep her tongue inside her head has been much-remarked since the performance but for Chmelar, it was particularly distasteful.

'She took an honorable icon that is seen in sporting venues everywhere and degraded it. Fortunately, the foam finger has been around long enough that it will survive this incident,' Chmelar told Fox Sports.

Cyrus' antics aside, the foam finger first found fame when an Associated Press photographer took a picture of the teenaged Chmelar with a large hand with pointing finger that Fox Sports reports he made from 'galvanized hardware cloth, paper mache, spray paint and a red marker over the course of a few days.'

He was snapped at one of the two games he used the finger to cheer on his team - the state semifinal and the championship game in Des Moines.

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