Party-loving neighbours who have noisy sex are biggest turn-offs for buyers (and could knock up to 22 per cent off value of your home)
Posted 8/30/2013 12:09:00 PM

From incoming aeroplanes to busy roads and clanking tube trains, the list of annoying sources of noise is a lengthy one.

But one irksome sound is so irritating it could even knock a nought or two off the value of your house, a new survey has found.

Living next door to couples who indulge in noisy sex on most nights is considered a turn-off by 43 per cent of home hunters - compared to just 31 per cent who say they wouldn't buy a home close to a motorway.

So annoying is the sound of neighbourly love, almost half of the house-hunters polled said they wouldn't put up with it, even if a massive discount was offered

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Posted By: Producer Thomas  
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