Using a shortened version of your name makes you more appealing to the opposite sex
Posted 9/12/2013 1:01:00 PM

Is your name Bob, Jim, Ron or Bill? If so, you're likely to be a man in demand after new research revealed that having a shortened name increases your appeal among the opposite sex.

Women who call themselves Jen, Val, Debs and Jo are also set to benefit as the effect is the same regardless of sex.

Overall, the new study found that shorter names had greater appeal than longer ones in a huge 72 per cent of cases.

 Women did have a slight advantage though: while 79 per cent of men found shortened names appealing, the same was true for just 69 per cent of female respondents.

The study was conducted by online dating site Badoo, which studied the approaches made by its 190 million users and compared the number of emails sent to those who used shortened versions of their names to those who used their full names.

  'Attractiveness online is not only about looks,' says a spokesperson for Badoo. 'Even the length of your name, it seems, may also make a surprising difference.'

'Your name says a huge amount about you,' says Jo Hemmings, a behavioural psychologist and dating coach.

'People with abbreviated names appear more approachable and friendlier; less intimidating. A diminutive name gives a sense of warmth and informality.”

In the UK, men with who used diminutives such as Mike, Matt, Phil or Chris attracted more female approaches per head than those named Michael, Matthew, Philip or Christopher respectively

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