How rude are you? Texting during lunch and checking emails during meetings... The modern day habits that wind us up
Posted 9/12/2013 1:02:00 PM

Forget arriving late for a meeting or offering up a weak handshake, what really annoys today's high-fliers is a reliance on technology.

Almost half of workers are irritated by business contacts who relentlessly check their phones and emails during meetings, according to new research.

Furthermore, the habit is proving such a faux pas, it could actually cost companies new clients.

 It's not just non-stop typing which gets under the skin, noisy conference calls also rub colleagues up the wrong way, with 38 per cent complaining about workmates who broadcast their deals to the entire office.

Other habits which could ruin relationships in the business world include firing off LinkedIn invites to random people, emailing the person at the next desk, using capitals to emphasise a point, while using text speak in online correspondence has also made the list of the biggest irritants.

The study, entitled 'The New Rude', shows that rather than helping to improve relations in business, our obsession with technology is actually proving a hindrance.

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