Workout at work! Americans beat the bulge by walking their way through office jobs with treadmill desks
Posted 9/12/2013 1:04:00 PM

Americans trying to beat the bulge have started walking and cycling their way through the workday at treadmill desks, standup desks or other moving workstations.

Others are forgoing chairs in favor of giant exercise balls to stay fit while working in their corporate office environment.

Walking on a treadmill while making phone calls and sorting through emails means 'being productive on two fronts,' said Andrew Lockerbie, senior vice president of benefits at Brown & Brown, a global insurance consulting firm.


Lockerbie can burn 350 calories a day walking three to four miles on one of two treadmill desks that his company's Indianapolis office purchased earlier this year.

'I'm in meetings and at my desk and on the phone all day,' he said. 'It's great to be able to have an option at my work to get some physical activity while I'm actually doing office stuff. You feel better, you get your blood moving, you think clearly.'

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