Cockpit confidential: Pilot reveals what happens when you flush the toilet mid-flight and why phones probably aren't that bad
Posted 9/13/2013 1:03:00 PM

Ever wondered what happens when you flush a toilet on a plane - or if interference from phones is the real reason they are banned on flights?

A new book, written by airline pilot and Patrick Smith, takes some of the most frequently asked questions and answers them in the form of anecdotes and rants.

Called Cockpit Confidential, it features chapters on terrorism, fares, delays and common myths as well as giving an exclusive insight into how planes fly and what can cause them to crash.

On this subject Smith says in his book: 'Few rules are more confounding to airline passengers than those regarding the use of cell phones and portable electronic devices. 

'Passengers should know that the restrictions pertaining to computers, iPods, and certain other devices aren’t about electronic interference.

'The main reasons laptops need to be put away is to prevent them from becoming high-speed projectiles in the event of an impact or sudden deceleration.

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