High school coach allegedly held party for cheerleaders where she encouraged them to get drunk
Posted 9/13/2013 1:06:00 PM

A former cheerleading coach has been sentenced for allegedly providing underage teens with alcohol and drugs during a party at her house.

Courtney Hatchell, of Oklahoma City, OK., was charged with two misdemeanors for providing alcohol to minors at the April party. Ms Hatchell did not receive any charges in connection with students reportedly also smoking marijuana at the party.

Ms Hatchell, 27, received two years probation. must perform 40 hours of community service, 10 counseling sessions and a drug and alcohol evaluation as part of a deal with prosecutors where she neither admitted or denied the allegations.


The popular cheerleading coach resigned shortly after word spread of the party, causing Moore Public Schools to suspend her while police investigated, according to reports.

While initial accusations involved two school employees, cops narrowed their focus to Ms Hatchell, booking her on charges of providing alcohol to minors and allowing them to drink it, according to News 9.

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