Montana's Lieutenant Governor caught 'Liking' Facebook page dedicated to women's breasts
Posted 9/13/2013 1:10:00 PM

Montana’s Lieutenant Governor wasn’t thinking with his head when he clicked ‘Like’ on a public Facebook page dedicated to  celebrating women’s breasts.

If just for a short while, John Walsh’s personal Facebook page noted that the state’s number two Democrat ‘likes Breasts.Proof men can multitask2.’

The politician’s gaze has reportedly been on a U.S. Senate bid for some time, but eagle-eyed Republican operatives have now proven its been aimed elsewhere, as well.


This according Buzzfeed, where it was reported Thursday that a Republican ‘with interest in the 2014 Senate race’ captured a screen grab of the since-removed addition to Walsh’s Facebook page.

Shortly after the ‘Like’ appeared on the page, Walsh’s Facebook presence briefly vanished.


When it reappeared, the Breasts.Proof men can multitask2 like was gone.

Instead, the page lists a restaurant called Lucca’s, the Montana Army National Guard, and the 2nd Amendment to the constitution among the Brigadier General’s likes.

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