Now the shutdown's getting SERIOUS... as government closure dries up the nation's beer supply
Posted 10/9/2013 12:38:00 PM

As the US government shutdown enters its  ninth day the closure is threatening to leave America’s craft brewers nursing a  serious hangover.

While stores across the country will continue  to stock a range of beers and ales on their shelves, the shutdown has closed an  obscure agency, which quietly approves new breweries, recipes and  labels.

Its closure could halt the rapidly growing  craft industry in its tracks, creating huge delays for customers who expect a  constant supply of inventive and seasonal beers.

The federal government shutdown began on  October 1 after a group of House Republican lawmakers blocked a budget deal in a  last-ditch effort to stop funding for President Barack Obama’s health care  law.

Mike Brenner is trying to open a craft  brewery in Milwaukee in December.

His application to include a tasting room is  now on hold, as are his plans to file paperwork for four new labels over the  coming weeks. He risks losing around $8,000 for every month his opening is  delayed.

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Posted By: Producer Thomas  
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