Do you really need a helmet to play soccer? School district says all student must wear headgear to prevent concussions while playing non-contact sports
Posted 10/9/2013 12:39:00 PM

A New Jersey school district  is ordering all students who play soccer - and other non-contact sports - to  wear helmets on the field.

The Princeton School District's new rule is  causing many parents - and even some doctors - to question whether soccer is  really dangerous enough to warrant mandatory headgear to protect children from  concussion.

However, school administrators are moving  forward with a plan to purchase $70 soft helmets for every athlete grades six  through 12 who plays soccer, field hockey or girls' lacrosse.


The Times of Trenton  reports that concussions and head injuries are not common among Princeton  schools student athletes, but coaches and members of the school board say that  doesn't alleviate their concern.

'We’re very aware that for players in all  sports there’s a risk of  head injuries and we’re just trying to do whatever we  can to prevent  them,' Princeton school board president Timothy Quinn  said.

Judy Goldstein, the field hockey coach at  neighboring Hamilton High School West, says some of her girls have suffered  concussions in the past - but she thinks requiring helmets is  overkill.

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