More than half of couples DON'T have sex on their wedding night - mostly because the groom is too drunk
Posted 10/9/2013 12:40:00 PM

A couple were once expected to consummate  their union as man and wife by having sex on their wedding night.

But, according to a new poll, 52 per cent of  newlyweds don't end up in the throes of passion on the eve of their special day,  most often because the groom gets too drunk.

Tiredness and arguments at the reception also  proved to be common reasons for not consummating a marriage on the wedding  night.


The poll asked 2,138 individuals who got  married in the past three years what really went on in the marital  bedroom.


More than half (52  per cent) admitted to not consummating their marriage on their wedding  night.

And nearly one in five (17 per cent)  confessed to waiting more than three  days after their wedding ceremony to  officially consummate their  marriage.

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