Two Russian millionaires in drinking contest for most expensive bar bill spent £130,000 in just THREE hours (including 84 bottles of Dom Perignon)
Posted 10/10/2013 11:47:00 AM

A pair of Russian multi-millionaires  apparently went head to head to see who could splash the most cash in a top  Mayfair bar - ending up with a combined bar bill of more than £130,000.

Owners of Kitsch London claim the mystery  pair spent a small fortune trying to outdo each other in just three hours on the  club's opening night.

According to onlookers, two arch rivals, in  their 30s, racked up a bar bill that would buy a one-bed flat in the capital in  just a few hours - and didn't even drink it all.


The men arrived just before midnight and  started ordering large numbers of Dom Perignon and Cristal  champagne.

Every time one table would order a set of  drinks the other man would add more on his next order to beat the other.

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