University students check their phones 11 times per LECTURE and 80% admit the tech addiction affects their grades
Posted 10/24/2013 12:00:00 PM

The rise in smartphones among young people  may be having a direct affect on how successful they become as adults.

Research from the University  of Nebraska-Lincoln has discovered the average university student checks their  phones 11 times per lesson, and more than 80 per cent believe this tech  obsession is interfering with their learning.

A quarter of students across five U.S states  also blamed poor grades in exams specifically on the fact they used mobile  devices when they should have been concentrating and revising -  and these  grades could determine the jobs they end up going into.


Research carried out by Piper Jaffray into  the spending habits of teenagers found Twitter was the most important site for  influencing their purchasing decisions.

It is the first time Facebook has not scored  top in the annual report.

Just 23 per cent of teens now deem Facebook  the most important site, down from 42 per cent a year ago, according the  survey.

This is compared to 53 per cent rating  Twitter the most.

Facebook came joint second with  Instagram,  the photo-sharing app it bought last  year.

Barney McCoy, an associate  professor of broadcasting at the university, surveyed  777 students at six universities across five states about how they used digital  devices in the classroom.

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