'I can't remember my daughter's childhood' NFL legend Brett Favre reveals memory loss caused by football career
Posted 10/25/2013 12:23:00 PM

Brett Favre has revealed that he has  forgotten memories of his daughter growing up because of the damage caused to  his brain by big hits while playing football.

The NFL legend said he found it ‘pretty  shocking’ that he cannot remember his grown-up daughter playing youth soccer one  summer.

He said he fears he has been damaged by his  time in the game and that for the first time in his life it ‘put a little fear  in me'.



Favre said: ‘I think after 20 years [in the  NFL], God only knows the toll’.

To have such an icon of the game talk about  the damage it has caused him will put the NFL under new pressure to do something  about brain-related injuries.

Favre started 321 consecutive games and threw  552 touchdown passes in his career, during which he was known for his toughness  and playing through injuries.

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