One in six wives won't let husband see them naked and 40% say covering up has harmed their marriage
Posted 10/25/2013 12:24:00 PM

If you sometimes feel a bit uncomfortable  stripping off in front of your partner, then not to worry – you’re not  alone.

One in six married women has not let their  husband see them naked in over a year, according to a poll.

Researchers quizzed 1,902 women from across  the UK. The ones who were married were asked when they last allowed their  husband to see them nude.




Some 16 per cent claimed they had not  undressed in front of their partners during the last 12 months or more.



Almost half said this was because they felt  insecure about their appearance, while a third blamed a dip in their sex  drive.

Around 40 per cent said their relationship  had suffered as a result and 36 per cent admitted that their constant attempt to  cover up had caused rows.

Sarah Bailey, from online pharmacist which commissioned the poll, said: ‘Body confidence is a  huge  element of women’s sex lives, and it seems a lack thereof is  causing  problems.

‘A relatively high percentage of married  women haven’t allowed their partner to see them nude in the past 12 months or  more.’

She added: ‘Women must remember that even  though they may not love their  bodies, chances are their partner does – and no  relationship is worth  sacrificing for a lack of confidence in the looks  department.’

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