Boyfriend in a grump? He probably just wants a hug! Research shows modern men like cuddles as much as women
Posted 10/25/2013 12:25:00 PM

Modern men enjoy a hug as much as women do,  according to new research.

A detailed study found far from being macho  characters who hide their feelings, most men are now happy to admit they  frequently need a cuddle amid their busy lifestyles and hectic work  schedules.

Other things which men now turn to in the  hour of need are music, fresh air and a get together with friends.


As well as also indulging in the above, women  also admitted they reach for a cup of tea when they are glum, while chatting to  a friend on the phone and watching their favourite TV programme also featured  highly.

Overall the figures show we are more likely  to flick the kettle on than opt for an alcoholic drink to cheer us  up.

Psychologist Donna Dawson,  said: 'Little things mean a lot in life, and many of them are free: walking  outdoors or listening to our favourite music both work by calming us through  using our senses of sight, sound, smell and taste. 

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