Weekend starts at 2.39pm today as workers start switching off on Friday afternoons
Posted 10/25/2013 12:27:00 PM

You may be waiting for the clock to tick  round to 5pm today so you can leave the office. But in your head, the working  week is already over by then.

Workers switch off for the weekend at 2.39pm  on Friday, it is claimed. A study of 2,000 office staff found the majority  mentally wind things down well before the official end of the day.

Almost half admit they take Fridays easier  than any other day.


Six in ten feel entitled to ease up earlier  on a Friday because they work more than their contracted hours throughout the  week.

The average worker puts at least three  important things on hold until Monday, it was found.

Yet more than 80 per cent said their boss  still gets ‘value for money’ by employing them.


Many relaxed workers admitted to  deliberately scaling down workloads to wind things up early on a Friday, pinpointing 1.32pm as the time they really start shifting into lower  gear.

By 2.39pm workers have mentally started their  weekends in earnest.

The survey also confirmed that the 'Friday  feeling' exists - a third said their workplace has a noticeably better atmosphere on a  Friday and 47 per cent said their boss is a lot more lenient on this  day.

The research, commissioned by British  Airways, found the Friday afternoon wind-down often consists of using Facebook,  arranging weekend plans and online banking.

Professor Frank Bond, a leading expert in  Occupational Psychology, said: 'With most people working more than their  contracted hours, it is perhaps no surprise that people tend to take their foot  off the pedal on Friday afternoons.

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