'They want to slit my throat': Woman who sparked outrage with Boston Marathon victim costume loses her job and gets death threats - as sexy selfies emerge online
Posted 11/6/2013 12:21:00 PM

A Michigan woman has been  fired from her job and subjected to vicious cyber-bullying after causing an  uproar online by posting a photo of herself at an office Halloween party dressed  as a Boston Marathon bombing victim.

Alicia Ann Lynch, 22, sparked an outrage by  donning the insensitive costume consisting of athletic gear and fake blood  smeared on her face and legs.

'And the most offensive costume at work goes  to...#toosoon?' she wrote. Her Twitter account, @Some SKANKinMI has since been  suspended.

Since posting the picture, users on Twitter  have come after the 22-year-old, calling her an 'absolutely disgusting human  being' and saying her costume was 'insensitive, low, [and]  heartless'.

Even one of the Boston Marathon victims,  Sydney Corcoran, tweeted at the woman for her outrageous costume.

'@SomeSKANKinMI You should be ashamed, my  mother lost both of her legs and I almost died in the marathon. You need a  filter.'

Lynch's social media faux pas got her into  more trouble when users discovered that she posted her driver's license online  with the address clearly visible.

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