Most people don't grow up until 30: Life-stage named 'emerging adulthood' is coined after number of 20-somethings living with their parents soars
Posted 11/7/2013 12:17:00 PM

Leaving home has always been an important  milestone in a person's life and a sign that an individual has entered  adulthood.

But now a new life stage called 'emerging  adulthood' has been coined to cope with the trend for young people flying the  nest later in life.

The reasons for 'emerging adults' staying at  home includes a diminishing number of blue-collar jobs, expensive housing and an  increasing need for extended studies, but scientists believe the phenomenon  means people in their twenties are experiencing an extended period of  youth.



Just over 42 per cent of adults aged 20 to 29  still lived with their parents in 2011, according to a census from Statistics  Canada, compared to 32 per cent ten years earlier and 27 per cent in  1981

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