'They would get the deed done on the ride': Tom Hanks reveals the REAL reason why Disneyland 'mile high' attraction got shut down
Posted 12/19/2013 12:09:00 PM

Joining the 'Mile High Club' is usually  associated with sexual intercourse aboard an aircraft.

But Tom Hanks revealed another vessel - Disneyland's Skyway - served as a gateway to this infamous club.

In an interview with Conan  O'Brien on Tuesday, the 57-year-old actor - who stars as Walt Disney in  Saving Mr Banks - explained one thing he learned while playing the theme park  owner is that an attraction got shut down because too many people were getting  busy on it.


'One of the problems was, there were a lot of  people trying to join,  let’s call it, the Mile High Club in the sky buckets,'  the actor said.

'There was other naughty stuff going on, but  there were people that tried to, how do we say this, get the deed done.  How to  enjoy the e-ticket, maybe the g-ticket, the o-ticket, I  don’t know.'

The Oscar winner - who is married to actress  Rita Wilson - went on to explain because the ride was only four-and-a-half  minutes long, there was little time to  spare for anyone trying to 'enjoy' the  lift.

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